Gap Analysis Report

The Gap Analysis Report, available to any organization that uses at least one Sophos product. The report identifies possible gaps in your cybersecurity posture by pitting your cybersecurity protection against the known threats of today. 

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90% of Ransomeware Attacks impact an organization's ability to operate


85% of breaches involve a human element


46% of global cyberattacks are directed towards the United States


Full Analysis for Your Organization

Your Cybersecurity Posture

This report will give you an overview of your cybersecurity posture based on cyber-threat trends and protection available to combat those threats. This report is not just a one-time analysis, we will update you anytime there is a change in your IT cybersecurity infrastructure, which affects your score.

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What Next?
Steps You Can Take After Receiving Your Report

A Pine Cove Employee will happily walk you through the report. We will provide a full-service review of your cybersecurity posture to help you understand where your organization has room for improvement.