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Welcome to Pine Cove Consulting

Providing Technology Services and Solutions to Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, and Businesses since 1993 

About Pine Cove    Case Studies

Whatever Your Technology Problem Is,

We Have The Solution For You

Your organization's technological needs never stop evolving. Pine Cove Consulting has been providing the best technology solutions and services since 1993. We have employees stationed across the rocky mountain region ready to assess and address your technology problems.


Worried about recent cyber-attacks? We've got the solution for you. Get protection from your firewall to your endpoint and everything in between. 


Building out your technology infrastructure is a big project. Let us help with our top of the line network and wireless solutions.


Is your organiztion looking to upgrade your phone system? Or maybe you want the latest and greatest video conference technology?

How Do We Solve Technology Problems?

We are dedicated to providing our clients the very best that technology has to offer. We personalize our services for each individual client by completing a comprehensive assessment which involves: 

  • Assessing your current technology
  • Defining ways your technology could improve 
  • Reviewing all technology service and solution possibilities 
  • Implementing a solution that works for you
Our Solutions
Pine Cove Consulting Solutions

Pine Cove Consulting by the Numbers

Pine Cove Consulting has emerged as a leader in the technology industry and provides their customers with an intelligent balance between innovation, sustainability, and reliability.

Malicious attacks stopped every day
Currently Supported
Wireless Access Point

Latest From The Pine Cove Pulse

The Pine Cove Pulse is your guide to technology news, Pine Cove events, and tips/tricks to improve your organization's technology. 

Don't Take Our Word For It

We take pride in the work we do. Listen to what our customers have to say.

"Pine Cove looked at my needs, did an assessment, and fit a solution to me. "

Lynne Peterson, Superintendent, Savage School District

 "Pine Cove Consulting helped us build a technical infrastructure to protect our most important assets."

J.J. Barney, President,
Café Courier Inc.

"The services Pine Cove provides are fantastic, rapid response solutions. They give immediate attention to issues and are professional consultants."

Suzie Cox, Clerk,
Town of Saratoga

Ruckus Networks
HP Supplier
Pine Cove Consulting Clients and Employees

Where do we Work?

We work with businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions across the rocky mountain region. We have employees stationed across the region who are ready to take your technology to the next level.

Case Studies


How does your technology stack up?

Free Assessment