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Since 1993, Pine Cove Consulting has provided premier technology services and solutions for educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies.

"Pine Cove is one of my most trusted vendors. They are always quick to respond and they are helping our district be on the leading edge of technology"
- Jason Eyre, IT Director, Murray School District



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The Pine Cove Process

Successful information technology initiatives extend much further than a specific solution or project. We are committed to a five-step process that cultivates sustainable IT environments.

1. Analyze 1. Analyze

1. Analyze

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2. Design

Deploy Solution/Service Deploy Solution/Service

3. Deploy

Support/Service Support/Service

4. Support

sustain sustain2

5. Sustain


Complete IT Assessment

We work with you to identify pain points and bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure, often employing a variety of tactics including cyber-security assessments, wireless heat mapping, network mapping, and more.  

Pine Cove Consulting

Personalized Products and Services

From our assessment, we can build a strategic solution designed to answer the specific needs of your organization. These services and solutions vary depending on your project specifications and needs. We prioritize the implementation of sustainable IT solutions that work within your organization and budget.

Design Photo of Computer
Pine Cove Consulting

Implement Product/Service

From the design, we can fulfill the product, the installation, and the training to offer a full turn-key solution. 

Pine Cove Consulting

Support/Help Desk

Our continued support will ensure your technology meets all its demands. We provide easy access to our experienced technicians with in-person visits and virtual support via phone, chat, or email.

Pine Cove Consulting

Flexibility and Long-Term Planning

With our financing options, we provide all our solutions in a scheduled monthly or annual service plan with options for leasing. We also work with our clients to build a refresh cycle to avoid outdated technology.

Pine Cove Consulting

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our building has a lot of steel and rock which can make wireless connectivity difficult. Pine Cove enabled us to provide superior speed and connectivity despite the difficult environment.

Bozeman Airport

Industry: Aviation
Solutions Provided: Infrastructure and Firewall

Pine Cove goes the extra mile to help out its clients. It's awesome.

Rocky Mountain Bank Testimonial

Industry: Banking
Solutions Provided: Video Conferencing, Cyber-Security

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Pine Cove Consulting and its cybersecurity solutions helped protect our school district after we were hit with a ransomware attack. They helped us synchronize our security.

Washakie School District

Industry: Education (K-12)
Solutions Provided: Cyber-Security, Infrastructure, Support, E-Rate

Many companies out there claim to be experts, Pine Cove walks the walk and guides you through the process for an optimal IT experience.

Lark and Rialto

Industry: Hospitality and Entertainment
Solutions Provided: New Building Design, Managed Services


Not Your Traditional IT Provider

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Information Technology Resources

IT management and projects shouldn't feel like rocket science

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Preserving History, Ensuring Security for Butte-Silverbow County's Government Structures

26 Oct, 2023

Pine Cove Consulting's physical security team travels far and wide across the United States, implementing high-tech security systems. This past week the team found themselves in Butte-Silverbow County, focusing on transforming the city of Butte, Montana's courthouse and police department's security systems.

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Cybersecurity, Education

Winter Break Prep for IT School Admin: Safeguarding Against Winter Cyber Risks

26 Oct, 2023

As the winter season descends, IT school administrators find themselves at the crossroads of a multifaceted challenge, where the complexities of safeguarding educational institutions during the winter break intertwine with the heightened significance of their role. Winter break, a period of dormancy and transformation, ushers in a heightened sense of urgency for IT administrators as they navigate the intricate web of cybersecurity and digital defense. In this extensive exploration, we will delve into the myriad layers of importance associated with the winter break for IT school administrators and navigate the expansive landscape of cyber threats that cast a long shadow over this phase.

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