Montana Cybersecurity Report

Each year, Pine Cove Consulting analyzes data reported to the Montana Department of Justice, shedding light on the impact of data breaches in the state. We investigate how many Montanans have been affected, the number of organizations impacted, and the average duration of these breaches. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our freshly updated Montana Cybersecurity Report for 2022. This year, we've gone beyond mere statistics, delving deeper into the nuances of these incidents. Our report offers an in-depth analysis of the affected industries, the types of breaches, and much more. Don't miss out on the insights – download our latest report today.


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Cyber-Threats are Evolving and Affecting a Greater Number of Montanans

In 2021 a record number of organizations, that affected Montanans, fell victim to a data breach. Hackers don't care where you live or what your organization does, they care if your network is vulnerable. Hackers tactics are evolving as they embrace new ways to circumvent cyber-security solutions. Cyber-security diligence is needed to defeat the variations in advanced cyber-attacks.


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In 2021, Montana witnessed a significant surge in data breaches, affecting both its residents and organizations. Cyber-attacks targeted more than 380,000 Montanans, marking a substantial increase from the previous year (82,531 in 2020) but still lower than the peak in 2019 (233,485).

Each year, we revisit and recalculate the data, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Consequently, the figures presented in the 2021 report may differ from those published in 2022. This variance can be attributed to various factors, such as companies' inability to disclose information until their investigations are complete or their unawareness of a breach in a given year, leading to unreported incidents.

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