Montana Cyber Security Report

Each year Pine Cove Consulting analyzes data reported to the Montana Department of Justice and reports how many Montanans fell victim to a data breach, how many organizations fell victim to a data breach that affected Montanans, and the average length of data breaches in Montana. 

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Montana Cyber-Security Report

Cyber-Threats are Evolving and Affecting a Greater Number of Montanans

In 2019 there was a greater number of organizations affected by cyber-attacks, affecting hundreds of thousands of Montanans across the state. Hackers don't care where you live or what your organization does, they care if your network is vulnerable. Hackers tactics are evolving as they embrace new ways to circumvent cyber-security solutions. Cyber-security diligence is needed to defeat the variations in advanced cyber-attacks.


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2018 was Pine Cove's first year of producing the Montana Cyber-Security Report. In 2018, 314 organizations fell victim to a cyber-attack that affected Montanans, more than 410,000 Montanans were affected by cyber-breaches, and the average length of a data breach was 82 days.

2018 Montana Cyber-Security Report

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