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Pine Cove Consulting Team


Rick VancleeveRick Vancleeve

CEO and Founder

Rick Vancleeve founded Pine Cove Consulting in 1994 and has since led it to become the premier IT consulting business in the Northwestern United States.

Mike StroudMike Stroud

Systems Engineer

Mike Stroud is a systems engineer located in Kemmerer Wyoming.

Brandon VancleeveBrandon Vancleeve


Brandon Vancleeve has been providing IT consulting for Pine Cove Consulting and it's over 20,000 end users for the last 12 years.

Curtis CookCurtis Cook

Systems Engineer

Curtis Cook is a systems engineer in Guernsey Wyoming.

Colby VancleeveColby Vancleeve

Systems Engineer

Colby Vancleeve is a systems engineer based out of Sheridan Wyoming where he services clients and also plays a role on the Pine Cove admin team.

PCC_07-BrandanBassett_HQ.jpgBrandan Bassett

Account Management

Brandon Bassett oversees the support and sales to exisiting Pine Cove Consulting customers.

Sandy Vancleeve

Sandy Vancleeve

Purchasing Director

Sandy Vancleeve leads Pine Cove Consulting's purchasings and also assists in office administration.

Mike SteinbronnMike Steinbronn

Systems Engineer

Mike Steinbronn is a systems engineer located in Lander Wyoming.

David HuebnerDavid Huebner

Project Manager

David Huebner is Pine Cove's project manager and is located in Billings Montana.

Katie VancleeveKatie Vancleeve

Executive Assistant

Katie Vancleeve's primary role at Pine Cove Consulting is accounting and office administration.

Derrick MorseDerrick Morse

Systems Engineer

Derrick Morse is a systems engineer located in Rawlins Wyoming.

Andy JohnsonAndy Johnson

Inside Sales Manager

Andy Johnson manages Pine Cove's partnerships and oversees the entire sales process.

Jordan CrippenJordan Crippen

Systems Engineer

Jordan Crippen is a systems engineer based out of Bozeman Montana.

Jace Holyoak

Jace Holyoak

Marketing Director

Jace Holyoak oversees all marketing efforts within Pine Cove Consulting. 


Katie Swist

Katie Swistowicz

Service Delivery Manager 

Katie Swistowicz works from Fort Washakie Wyoming as Pine Cove's service delivery manager. 

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

Account Manager

Kyle Thompson works from Salt Lake City Utah as a account manager. 



Joe Webb

Joe Webb

Systems Engineer

Joe Webb is a systems engineer located in Mountain View Wyoming.



Alex WattsAlex Watts

Service Desk Technician

Alex Watts works on Pine Cove's service delivery team and is based in Wyoming.



Jaxn Kobsa

Jaxn Kobza

Systems Engineer

Jaxn Kobza works as a systems engineer for Pine Cove Consulting in Sheridan Wyoming.



PCC_23_ZacaryFettig no borderZacary Fettig

Service Desk Technician

Zacary Fettig works on Pine Cove's service delivery team and is based in Bozeman, MT.

About Pine Cove Consulting

Pine Cove Consulting has been providing turn-key technology solutions to businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions in the Rocky Mountain Region since 1993.

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