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Pine Cove Consulting specializes in accelerating your organization with its help desk service, installation services, and managed services offering.

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Project Implementation Services

Projects can be complex, costly, and time consuming. Pine Cove's project team has a proven track record of helping organizations achieve successful technology projects. Whether you want to outsource management and oversight of a technology upgrade, or just need additional assistance with technology installation, Pine Cove's project team is ready to help.

Last summer Pine Cove's project team spent 2388 hours installing 21 servers, 565 wireless access points, 20 firewalls, 241 switches, 47 UPS's, and more!

Pine Cove's project team specializes in working in complex environments and has the capacity to accomplish large projects in a short period of time.

Pine Cove's project team is made up of technology experts with significant experience working in complex environments.

Help Desk Support

Custom Support Designed for you

Pine Cove's support services are customized for your needs. Pine Cove offers everything from select tier 3-4 support, to complete managed services. Pine Cove's service team supports clients across the Rocky Mountain Region with quick response times.


Outsource your Technology Management

Pine Cove Consulting manages technology for organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Pine Cove's managed service offering is for organizations who want to outsource technology management and oversight. If you want reliable and predictable tech support, Pine Cove's managed service offering may be right for you.


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