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Your organization has either; BEEN attacked, is currently BEING
attacked or WILL BE attacked by cyber criminals. Our mission is
to provide you the knowledge, the vision, and the solutions to
secure your assets.

of all organizations face
cyber-attacks each year

Sophos Security Complete
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malicious attacks stopped every day for Pine Cove customers

users currently supported by Pine Cove Consulting

Our Solution:
Synchronized Security

Synchronized security gives you unparalleled protection by combining
an intuitive security platform with next-gen products that actively
work together to block advanced threats.

Identifies and blocks malware at the endpoint, including advanced, zero-day threats and ransomware, preventing infection. Automates clean-up.
Identifies and blocks advanced malware, including ransomware, at the server, preventing infection.
Automatically revokes encryption keys on infected machines, keeping data safe.
Endpoint agent and gateway synchronization reduces back hauling of web traffic.
XG Firewall
Blocks advanced threats before they get on your network. Automatically identifies and isolates compromised systems to prevent data loss and the infection from spreading.
Intercept X
Denies attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection.
Keeps data safe on mobile devices and takes action if a device is not secure.
Prevent compromised endpoints from sending or receiving mail to limit the impact of any security incident.
‘Unhealthy’ devices can be pushed to a restricted access, quarantine Wi-Fi network.
Sophos Central
The intuitive security platform that enables products to share security information and automate threat response.

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"Pine Cove knows the threats. Pine Cove’s synchronized security solution has secured our network and provided peace of mind in an increasingly dangerous world of cyber attacks."

Kathy Wise, Technology Director 
Washakie County School District #1

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