Kyle Thompson

Account Executive

I am Kyle Thompson, I have been working for Pine Cove since 2018. I grew up in Utah and studied at the University of Utah, getting degrees in English, BA and a Masters of Business Administration. I am a proud father of two young girls, who dictate my whole life. I started working in tech four years ago and absolutely love selling and utilizing the cutting edge of technology.

What do you love about Pine Cove Consulting?

I love the culture at Pine Cove. Everyone is busy, diligently working to solve problems, resolve tickets, and complete projects that they are assigned to, yet everyone is willing and able to drop their work to assist you with yours. It is refreshing to have every member of the team work as a collective whole. I think the culture really is driven from ownership down and gives everyone a sense of accountability to one another without the need for any micromanagement.

What is a typical day at Pine Cove like for you?

I work with potential new customers, finding opportunities for products and services to better assist them in achieving their IT goals. Each day is filled with phone calls, video chats and emails coordinating my efforts with Pine Cove employees or manufacturer representatives.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I absolutely love sports. I am a huge University of Utah football fan and Utah Jazz fan. My two daughters and wife come first, but I try to fit as much sport time as I can between bedtime for my two daughters and when I finally get to sleep.






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