Marion Hughes

Service Desk Technician

I came to Pine Cove consulting through my studies at Central Wyoming College. I have lived and worked in Wyoming my entire life and decided to back up my love for IT with a few certifications. Through IT courses I connected with Pine Cove and have enjoyed my role here ever since. The constantly changing landscape of IT intrigues me and working with tech has always been one of my goals. Working the service desk means that there’s always something new coming down the pipe, and really keeps a workday interesting. I’m looking forward to continuing forward and pursuing my IT education and career objectives.

What do you love about Pine Cove Consulting?

I love the environment that I get to be a part of at Pine Cove Consulting. I deal with stressful situations regularly and it’s great to know that the team working beside you is supportive and professional. I love puzzles and the troubleshooting that I’m able to take part in here has been phenomenal. 

What is a typical day at Pine Cove like for you?

A typical day for me is hard to define because every day there’s a new challenge. I’ll for work and greet the new batch of tickets, projects, and issues for the day and then plan for how to address each one. I’m also always happy to assist anyone who needs me with their technical issues.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My spare time revolves around my love of both technology and my family and friends. Whether it’s planning a road trip or catching a movie with those close to me to building a new computer or trying out a new gadget, I’ll be happy.


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